Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chicken Pox

My daughter has the chicken pox.

Two weeks ago, other children in her grade 1 class were coming down with the chicken pox. I was really hoping she would come in contact with them and come down with a case of them herself. Well today she finally has some spots. It took a while to know for sure if that is what they are, but they keep coming and I can't think of what else they could be.

On Saturday she had a sore throat, but her dad had a throat infection and I thought she had caught it (they were sharing drinks). Then yesterday she said she wasn't feeling well and stayed home from school in the morning. She did get sick once, but was bouncing off the walls and ready to go back to school when her sisters came home for lunch. So she went.

Then this morning... "Mom, what is this back here" she points right above her butt. "It really hurts." I took a look. Sure enough, her first pox.

She was excited. But by the afternoon, she finally was tired and crashed.

I am not so sure how I feel about all of this. I was excited at first. But now, with a show coming up and with me being booked for work but need to stay home with her (good thing I have a great job in that respect) and having to let everyone she has recently come in contact with know about it incase they haven't had them yet, I am getting exhausted just thinking about it. And to top it off, once she finally went to sleep and I got a minute to relax myself, I am feeling a sore throat coming on. Just my luck!

Oh, well, we will get through this. Just like everything else.

Take care everyone.

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