Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Skyping with Australia

This evening I took my daughter to her classroom where they were able to talk to some children in Australia. Their teacher and the other children's teacher set up a time where they were able to talk via skype.

My husband and I went with our daughter. We seemed to be more excited to hear the differences and similarities between our countries and cultures than the kids were (although they did all seem fairly excited). They talked for almost an hour and discussed things like school days, activities, food, weather and so much more. They could literally see the ocean from their classroom. I was quite envious. I looked outside my daughter's classroom and could see a ball diamond and some trees. Not bad, but not even close to as cool as having an ocean there!

The other class was surprised that it is 3 degrees Celsius here (it was 27 degrees there). They were also surprised that our children went home for lunch. They were not allowed to go home even if they lived right across from the school. They also asked how everyone knew what school the kids went to if they didn't wear uniforms. We thought it different that they did wear uniforms. (It wouldn't be a bad idea if they did have them here though.)

I find it very interesting to learn about other places. Some things are so often taken for granted.
Learning new things is always fun.

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