Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kids and Cold Weather

My daughter came home yesterday after having fun with "winter olympics" at her school.  I came to ask her to rip a bandaid off my arm (yes I am a bit of a baby) when I noticed how red her hands were.  She had tried to hide them from me.  I asked if she wore her mitts. She had that look on her face teenagers get when they know they can't lie.  No, she didn't wear any the entire time she was outside in -17 celsius weather, playing in the snow.  When I saw the "worm-like" growth on her pinky, I got quite worried.

Her pinky is quite large compared to normal.
I called the medical clinic but they were full, so we went to the hospital. By the time we got there, she noticed more tiny blisters on her pinky.  Sure enough, she had frostbite.  Polysporin, bandaids and being careful to avoid infection were ordered.
You can't really see how red her hand actually is in this picture but you can see the line on her hand above her wrist where her hand was exposed.

After a restless sleep, she got up this morning.  Her pinky blister has grown almost the length of her pinky.

Her pinky the next day.

My point of this post is not to tell you what to do when you get frostbite. It is to show what it can look like and tell you it is painful and to encourage you to show the pictures to your kids who refuse to wear mitts on a cold day. This is what it can look like. And this is mild.

I don't know what it will look like in a few days. I am sure it will get worse before it gets better. I just hope it doesn't affect her too much.  She is right handed and loves to draw. She was thinking of being a tattoo artist when she gets older.  All of these could be affected because of this.  Today she finally realized how important simple things are, like taking the extra two minutes to run to her
locker to get her mitts.

Her knuckle was cut quite deep as well. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Place to Find Everything Carelebeads

I have decided to get a Premium Account from Zibbet.  My reasoning is then I can have a place on the web where I can list everything I have and then point people in that direction, be it people I meet at sales or work or people I meet on the street.  If people want to buy off of Zibbet, great!  But if they don't, I don't need to feel like I will be penalized for selling it somewhere else as it is no longer considered fee avoidance, like on Etsy.

I have started to list items on Zibbet.  I have 22 at this time, but I am trying to add more all the time.  I have pictures of over 100 of my items.  It is just to find the time to list them all.  Then to find the time to take pictures of the rest.  Plus I like to make new items from time to time.  In time I will have most of my products listed.  I am looking forward to having most of my items in one place.

I will still have my Etsy site for some products, or until the ones there expire.  I have a hard time justifying paying .20 cents and 3.5% of the transaction per item when I can pay $79 per year for unlimited products and that is it.  What is funny is that when I began on Etsy, paying .20 cents and 3.5% sounded great!  Times sure change.  I am glad I am making this change.

I thought I would add a picture of some of the items I have recently made.  None of these will be on Zibbet or Etsy as I have them on display at Watch Tower Glass in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Here is a link to my Zibbet shop:
You can always find the link by clicking on the owl on the side bar as well.

Thanks for stopping by!