Monday, May 31, 2010

Wine Stoppers

I posted a bunch of pictures on my facebook page of all of the wine stoppers I have right now (minus one because I didn't see it when I grabbed the rest).

They make wonderful gifts and they work really well. That is if you actually have any wine left in the bottle when you are done!

Here is a picture of all of them. Go to my facebook page to see individual pictures and other assortments. I also have a set of three on there that I made as a special order for someone. Check it out.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cathedral Arts Festival

The Cathedral Arts Festival is over for another year. This one proved to be the most challenging yet. It began fairly cold and didn't really warm up all day. Thankfully I wore a warm sweater/jacket. (So much for my "fancy" new outfit. No one could see it!) It was misty part of the morning and rained lightly around noon. At about 2:30 it became quite dark, so much that I commented that I almost needed lights because I couldn't see. And then the sky opened up. Wow the rain came down hard! Some people sought shelter under my canopy. It rained on and off for the rest of the festival which was over at 5 pm. At about 5:05 the sun finally peeked its face out. Nice timing! Oh well. I hope next year is a little better weather wise. I still had a lot of fun. The people I met were great and I can't wait to see everyone next year!

Here are the only pictures I was able to take. Between the rain and my table being fairly steady with people (except when I took the pictures) I wasn't able to get too many taken.

My husband "watching" the table (or ignoring me taking the picture). He was a big help throughout the day. Until I looked at this picture, I never realized how bad my table cloth was hanging. The other side of that table actually looked pretty good. The one end on the right side of the picture is empty because that area is soaking wet from the rain. The entire opposite table was drenched for most of the day. I am drying all of my products out right now. Only a few things were actually ruined.

The rack in the foreground of this picture had to be turned just right so my bookmarks didn't get wet. I didn't want all of the paper they are hanging on to warp. I think I will still have to change all of the papers anyway.

The lady beside us was selling honey. Here is the back of her giant bee. And right across is the mini donut stand. Of course we had to buy some!

Even though it was raining, people were still shopping around at the booths. There were all kinds of booths at the festival. These were across from me - the only bra maker in southern Saskatchewan (I could hear them tell everyone as they passed by), paintings, hoola hoops and other fun stuff, and the one covered with blue tarps was wood working. There were several jewelry booths all around me. Unfortunately there usually are a large number of jewelry booths. I just wish people would understand the differences between many of them. We are not all the same (I will post more on that at another time).

And finally, here is one of the heavier rainy times. People still enjoyed themselves - just at a bit faster pace.
Thank you once again to everyone who stopped by to say hi and to those who purchased items from me. You are all the reason I keep coming back. Thanks!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tomorrow Is Almost Here

Well, my time is just about up. Tomorrow is the Cathedral Arts Festival in Regina, Saskatchewan. I still have to pack up my van, but I think I am ready besides that. I made a few new pieces that I hope everyone will like - bookmarks, key chains, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, lots of new wine stoppers, pens - well I guess I made a little more than a few new things.

If you happen to be in or around Regina tomorrow May 29, 2010 please stop by.

You may require an umbrella (and may be a parka if it doesn't warm up soon!).

Hopefully I will have a lot of pictures to show you when it is done. It is such a fun festival!

(This picture has nothing to do with this post. I just found it somewhat intriguing.)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Brooks Medieval Faire

I just received confirmation this morning that I was accepted as a vendor for the Brooks Medieval Faire on August 14, 2010 in Brooks, Alberta. I am quite excited as I expect it to be very entertaining.

We have to dress in medieval costumes for the event. When my husband and I were married, we had a medieval themed wedding where we dressed in costumes. I still haven't tried it on, but I am hoping my wedding dress will still fit me so I can wear it. If not I guess I will take a trip to the costume shop downtown.

I had intentions of adding a wedding picture here to show what our outfits looked like, and I don't know if it is blogger or picnik, but I can't get my picture to face the right way. I will have to try again later.

Check out their website for more information:

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I really don't get facebook. I get it for personal pages, I just don't know what people want for a fan page. Do I add new stuff there? Do I babble on and on like I do here? I have posted shows I will be attending, but what else?

Do you have ideas for me? Please let me know in the comments section below.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I just signed up for a facebook fan page. Check it out.

I hope this link works. I never thought to find out what the actual address is. If anyone knows how to find out, please let me know.

I have never been on facebook before. I am not even really sure what to do there. Oh well, like here I guess it will be a learning experience.

Take care and have a good night (or day)!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chickens and the Weather

I woke up this morning to a blanket of snow covering everything. Any other day, this may be fine, but today I was going out of town to Regina. It isn't far away - only 45 minutes, but snow at -1 degree Celsius and winds up to 60km/h, I wasn't too sure how much I wanted to be on the highway. On the open prairie has to be the worst in those conditions as there is nothing to stop the wind. And it is supposed to continue to snow (at least 5cm) all day (and all weekend).

I drove to the highway to check it out. It became very slushy. Semi trucks were slowing, one was even stopped (he could have been having a nap though). On my way back home I finally heard the weather report. Not very promising. What was funny though was the song that came on right after the news - Should I Stay or Should I Go?. I broke out laughing. I decided to stay home.
The reason I was on my way to Regina was for The Buds of May jewelry show where I was to have a booth. Unfortunately I am unable to attend. I have been working around the clock making wonderful new pieces for this show. Here are a few of the items I am pleased with:

So, what do chickens have to do with anything? The other deciding factor for not going today is that my daughter is having a really rough time with her chicken pox. They are now very painful and everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I feel very bad for her. She got up at 6 am today as I was getting ready to go. She was crying, had a fever, and was begging me not to go. What kind of mother would I be if I left?

If the weather was good I may have been able to justify it in my mind, but too many things were screaming at me to stay home. I tend to listen when that happens.

I wish all the other ladies (and gentlemen if there are any) good luck with their sale. I hope I will be able to join them at another time. I was looking forward to it.