Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chickens and the Weather

I woke up this morning to a blanket of snow covering everything. Any other day, this may be fine, but today I was going out of town to Regina. It isn't far away - only 45 minutes, but snow at -1 degree Celsius and winds up to 60km/h, I wasn't too sure how much I wanted to be on the highway. On the open prairie has to be the worst in those conditions as there is nothing to stop the wind. And it is supposed to continue to snow (at least 5cm) all day (and all weekend).

I drove to the highway to check it out. It became very slushy. Semi trucks were slowing, one was even stopped (he could have been having a nap though). On my way back home I finally heard the weather report. Not very promising. What was funny though was the song that came on right after the news - Should I Stay or Should I Go?. I broke out laughing. I decided to stay home.
The reason I was on my way to Regina was for The Buds of May jewelry show where I was to have a booth. Unfortunately I am unable to attend. I have been working around the clock making wonderful new pieces for this show. Here are a few of the items I am pleased with:

So, what do chickens have to do with anything? The other deciding factor for not going today is that my daughter is having a really rough time with her chicken pox. They are now very painful and everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I feel very bad for her. She got up at 6 am today as I was getting ready to go. She was crying, had a fever, and was begging me not to go. What kind of mother would I be if I left?

If the weather was good I may have been able to justify it in my mind, but too many things were screaming at me to stay home. I tend to listen when that happens.

I wish all the other ladies (and gentlemen if there are any) good luck with their sale. I hope I will be able to join them at another time. I was looking forward to it.

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  1. Looking forward to having you join us next time! Everyone was quite pleased with the turnout.

    Beautiful pieces!