Friday, April 16, 2010

Cathedral Village Arts Festival

As I am waiting for confirmation from several of the craft sales I have applied to, I am beginning to get nervous that I may not have enough stuff, or the right stuff. I need to get ready for my next sale on May 1 in Regina at the West Harvest Inn. I just received confirmation on that one today. Although I am looking forward to that sale, the one I am really waiting for is the Cathedral Village Arts Festival.

This is my favorite sale every year. I love the atmosphere and that it is outdoors. You see some of the craziest outfits, hairstyles, and people walking up and down the seven blocks. The sale is held in Regina, Saskatchewan in the Cathedral Village area. They block off the street and some side streets. There is a stage at each end of the main street where musicians showcase their talents throughout the day. Vendors set up booths along both sides of the street. Most are crafts of some sort - paintings, jewelry, sewing, woodwork, etc. Then there are food booths with carnival type foods, one booth sells fresh lemonade (a soft spot for me), and don't forget the mini donuts. Yum!

I am always located in virtually the same spot so people who are looking for me can find me easier. I am on the last block on one end, which means a lot less congestion. I have gone for a walk down the street previous years and you can barely move once you get to to the centre blocks.

There are entertainers every year too. The buskers, belly dancers, and magicians make it worth the trip.

I must admit, I think my favorite part of this sale is that it is the only one my husband goes to with me. I definitely would not be able to go if he wasn't able to help me. And I am very thankful he can.

Check out their website for pictures of previous years. the festival lasts all week but the craft sale part is only one day (the Saturday).

Hopefully this year I can snap a few pictures to post!

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