Monday, November 2, 2009

Waiting for Watches

I ordered some watch faces from overseas at the beginning of October and I nearly gave up on getting them. But today they finally arrived! I am soooo excited. Now I can start making watches too. I recently made two watches and they were sold the first sale I put them out at. I hope people will continue to want them.

The faces I bought are so nice. Some of them are like no others I have seen before.

I bought apple ones to use as teacher gifts and now I wish I would have bought more. They are more of a pendant because they only have the one hole but they would look good on a necklace, a pin, a lanyard, or maybe even a bookmark!

Oh, the possibilities! I am so excited, can you tell?

Here are a few other pictures:

I love this one with the moon. I guess I didn't realize before that it was a pendant-type watch like the apple one is.

Now that I was playing with them (to take the pictures - this is a few days after I originally posted this) I am excited all over again!

Have a great day!


  1. Don't forget pictures!! I'd love to see what these look like!!!

  2. Sorry Heather! But thanks for reminding me to add them. They look so much better in person!