Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time to Think About Christmas Baking

I don't do a lot of Christmas baking (or any baking for that matter) because I usually am the one that eats it all. One thing that I do make, and quite a few people like, is turtle tarts. And they are quite easy to make.

I have two recipies that I have tweeked together to get this recipe.

Turtle Tarts

36 mini tart shells (I use 24 regular)

pecan pieces

1/3 cup corn syrup

1 can Eagle Brand milk

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup butter

2 squares chocolate (or 1 package chocolate chips)

1 tsp margarine

Poke holes in ready made tart shells. Sprinkle bottoms with pecans. (I like to add some chocolate as well, a drizzle or a couple of chips). Bake tart shells as directed on package. Mix the filling of milk, butter, syrup and brown sugar. Microwave for 3 minutes (filling boils around edges). Stir for 2 minutes. Pour into cool tart shells. Cool. Melt chocolate with margarine. Drizzle over tarts and top with a pecan.

I actually don't like to use the chocolate squares or the chips. I prefer to use dipping waffers because they melt so much easier and they taste so much better. (If you use the waffers, you don't need the margarine.)

I buy pecan halves so I can reserve some whole ones for the tops and then I crush (chunky not pulverize) the others to put in the bottom.

I forgot to add the chocolate to the base of these. Oops! They still tasted good.

When I first went to make these tarts, I was not confident in the microwave step. When it comes out of the microwave it doesn't look good and you may wonder how that is ever going to turn into a filling anyone would want to eat. Stir. And keep stirring for the whole 2 minutes. It changes before your eyes. And ohhhh, they are sooo good!

This is the filling ingredients before microwaving.

This is the filling after microwaving. I probably should have broke up the butter and sugar a bit. It did turn out in the end though.

Here is one minute after stirring. Keep stirring and you will get...

Yummy carmel-type sauce!

Here is a picture of the final product. These are so good on the second day as they have set up quite nicely.

These are so simple and so delicious. This recipe is definately a keeper.

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