Monday, November 30, 2009

Wow it has sure been a long time since I wrote something! I have been working at my real job and working at craft sales and working at home... I am not sure how some people have time for all this!

I have thought of something that I think may be of interest to others. I am going to make a glossary of terms that I tend to use in my listings on etsy. This may sound boring initially, but I will try to make it interesting with pictures of examples and processes when I can.

That is my problem with blogging though. The pictures. I don't really have much of a problem coming up with something to say, I just don't have visual aids to make it more interesting.

Here is about the only thing I could find in my thousands of pictures that is remotely interesting.

This is me making a bead. I have the mandrel in my left hand and a blue rod of glass in my right hand.

My work area is messy. My husband will tidy it from time to time but the glass shocks so often that there are constantly chunks of glass all over the place (occassionally they are stuck to me).

This is not the torch I use anymore. This one is wrecked. Don't ask.

In my glossary I will explain glass shocking and what is a mandrel. Oh I have a huge list of things to write about already started. I am excited. I just have to wait until sometime after this weekend to get started. I still have to work one more day, then make stuff for a bake sale for my kids, then go to the mall for a craft sale for three days. Oh, yeah, I get to work two or three more days right after that.

Well, when I get a couple extra minutes, I will try to add something.

I have a post all ready for Turtle Tarts though. Yum! You just have to wait for me to make a batch before I can post it. Pictures, pictures, pictures!

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  1. Ach! This is why I can't make beads... well... other than the talent involved... that lightsaber of flame! EEEEEK!!!!