Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Last night we carved pumpkins with the kids. The girls each got their own pumpkin but even the oldest needed a little help. I drew the Scooby Doo face (freehand from a stencil as a visual guide) and the supposedly "scary" face. I helped cut out part of the owl which was done by a stencil. My husband helped by cutting the top off of our youngest's pumpkin and helping all of the girls with "tight spots" in the carving. The girls were the ones who had to de-gut the pumpkins.

We also roasted our pumpkin seeds. Usually we just throw them in the oven with salt. They have never really turned out great. But this year we boiled them before baking and they turned out quite yummy! One bowl is salted and the other is seasoning salt. We will have to try to keep a few for the bunny and the hamster.

Tonight the girls are all dressing up and the older two are going with friends. My youngest has gone through many ideas for costumes (including a cereal killer (not a misprint)) but has decided on being the Crypt Keeper. My middle one is a cowboy and my oldest is a tourist. They both made up their own costumes and didn't do too bad of a job.
I better go. We are off to go trick or treating at the mall. Later we will go around our neighbourhood.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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