Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Beautiful Wedding

Recently I attended my nephew's wedding. It was beautiful - everything from the couple right down to the decorations. Sunflowers, tulle, and raffia were everywhere. The wedding had a very earthy feel to it but was still very elegant.

At the wedding the couple each had a "jar" of grains (I can't remember exactly which ones they had). To symbolize their new life together they each poured their jar of grain into a larger one where they mixed. At the reception, the centerpieces for all the tables were large jars of these same grains. It was very nice and symbolic.

The cake was beautiful - three tier ivory with a purple fondant ribbon wrapped around gently from top to bottom. Real sunflowers were strategically placed around the cake to finish it off. My niece (sister to the groom) made it.

They had such wonderful memory keepsake ideas. Instead of a guestbook, they had 12x12 scrapbook pages with pictures of them on them. Guests would then sign these pages which will later be compiled into a book. But my favorite idea was the scrapbook pages they left on the tables. Everyone at the table was to leave the couple a message or some words of wisdom. Then before getting your food, everyone at the table had to get their picture taken on a large wooden swing which they had decorated to match the hall. The couple will later replace their picture on the page with the one the photographer took. What a great way to remember exactly who came to your wedding and reception.

We have had such bad weather lately, it was a miracle that the one beautiful day we did have was on their wedding day.

Best wishes to you both. We love you!

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