Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We have gone out fishing for the past two weekends. The first time, Saturday, was my first time fishing on a boat. I have always shore fished before this. Wow! I can see why people fish this way. It is so much easier. You let out your line and troll along. I'm not even sure how many walleye (pickerel) I caught that day. A lot. Most went back in the lake as you are only allowed to keep 5.

We went out again on Father's Day. This time I counted. I caught 8 (kept 4). We went out twice on Sunday. I got really sun burnt on the first run, so I didn't want to go the second time. But my husband said I was their good luck (I caught more than they did - theirs were bigger though) so I felt obligated to go. It was a hot day and I ended up wearing my sweatshirt zipped up to the top so I wouldn't burn anymore. I think I still burnt the back of my neck.

The next day I was a bit sore ( I do use aloe gel which works well), but my biggest problem was I felt dizzy, or more like I was still on the boat - rocking I guess. I am glad it went away.

Here are a few of the things we saw last week and this week on our fishing trips.
This beaver was swimming around in the area we were fishing (from the shore). There was a houseboat docked in the bay and I snapped this picture when he came out of the water and was walking around the houseboat.
Here are some tiny snail shells my daughter collected from the dock.
There were several different kinds of flowers where we were. These purple and fuchsia ones were so pretty. I am not sure if they are a flower or a weed, but they were pretty.
We took a break from fishing on Sunday and let the girls play at a nearby play park. We discovered a mushroom forest under the trees. This picture doesn't even begin to show the enormous amount of mushrooms there were. My husband started to hum the theme song from the smurfs. I thought it was funny.

And here is our dog who seemed to have enough. She, like the rest of us, was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. We didn't stay too long there.

It sure is nice getting away once in a while.

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