Sunday, September 20, 2009

Newly Made Products

I just wanted to show some of the things I made this week. I am quite proud of a few and I just wanted to show them off a bit. I must appologize for the photos as there are quite a few shadows. I wasn't taking them to post here but I thought since I had them, why not.
First is my appetizer set in orange and green. I was trying to make a Christmas set in red and green but that is the fun and frustration of using certain glass. Transparent orange and red are both what are called "striking" colors which simply put means you have to bring out the colors in the flame. They both look like pale amber rods when you start so it is easy to mix them up. Right now I am glad I did mix them up because these beads turned out beautiful. The colors are so bold and vibrant. I am very proud of this set.

Second is something I think is such a cool idea. It is a purse key finder. You put your keys on the clip end then hang the hook on the corner of your purse with the beads on the outside. You won't have to fumble in the bottom of your purse again searching for your keys, and the beads add a bit of glam to your purse. All I know is that I need one of these really bad. I may actually keep this one for myself since my favorite color is blue and I do like this one. Then again, I can make another one that is similar if I have to.

And last is the magnifying glasses. These would make wonderful gifts for so many reasons, but the one thing that stands out to me is the thought of my grandmother. She has passed on now, but I know she would have loved one of these and would have used it for sure. She always had her crosswords or the newspaper to look at. Even the phone book could be a challenge to read. A magnifying glass this size would have been easy for her to hold on to and add that extra help she needed to read that fine print, or even the not so fine print. They come in a velvet pouch which makes it nice to be able to take it with you.