Friday, September 4, 2009


I have been working quite a bit lately so I decided to take tonight off in regards to pretty much everything. We decided to go for a walk at the park with the dog. I took my camera with me but didn't realize my card was almost full. It didn't help that the setting I had it on took two pictures every time I pressed the button.

The setting was color accent which took a black and white picture except for a splash of color that you set the camera to. The last picture I was able to take before my card was full were these ones. I was only going to post one but I couldn't decide which one to pick. Saskatchewan has some very pretty sunsets.

The first picture is the original one even though it almost looks like it only has a splash of color.
The color in the black and white one is quite subtle here.

I really like my new camera more and more everyday. There are so many features. I am glad I read up on this one. Now I just need to figure out the white balance for my jewelry pictures.

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