Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bookmark Blahs

Well my bookmark idea didn't quite pan out. I don't mind the bookmark itself. It looks like a big business card. And the beads are fine. My problem was what I used to attach the two. I originally thought of raffia which I am sure would have looked nice, but the holes in the beads were too small. So I used some blue and white "tie dye" yarn. Yarn of all things! I love yarn in hats, scarves, mitts, sweaters... it looks great. But I find yarn to look cheap and tacky when used the way I used it.

One by itself looked ok but a bunch together looked like a mess.

So I didn't use them. If I add all the time I put in making and cleaning the beads, printing and cutting the paper, and tying it all together, it would be well over 3 hours. For nothing!! Ugh!!!

I tied a few with blue hemp. They didn't look too bad. If I decide to redo them and use them somewhere else, I will likely use the hemp doubled with a lark's knot and double strand knots.
The other problem I had was the yarn was almost too thick to go through the bead, but once I had it tied in a knot, the bead would slip over it. I didn't notice this until I was trimming the ends of the yarn and the beads started sliding off.
Oh, well. Live and learn. At least the comedy at the show was good.

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