Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My New Project

I am very excited. I am going to set up my jewelry at a comedy show this September. At first I wasn't sure if my products would fit in with the event. I had never been there so I wasn't sure about it. However, my sister went last year and said that it would probably be worthwhile.

I have been to several larger craft sales but this is different. I feel that it is more of a promotional event than a selling event. With this in mind, I have decided to make promotional bookmarks (partly an idea I got from the forums on etsy. I will have to check if I can find the thread and thank them). I already have pamphlets and business cards, but I thought this might be a special idea. My twist on the bookmarks will be to add a small bead to the raffia tassel that I plan to attach to each bookmark. Yesterday I made about half of the beads I am planning to make for the project. Here is a picture.

The beads are mostly just plain. I already sell bookmarks, so I don't want these to be too fancy. I just want people to get an idea of what I do. I will post a finished bookmark when I have them all done.

In case you are wondering, the metal rods in the picture are what I make the beads on. They are dipped in "bead release" so the bead can come off in the end. The grey crummy stuff on the paper towel is some dried bead release that has fallen off of the metal rods. This is very toxic. You don't want to inhale it as it seriously affects your lungs. I try to be very careful with it. That is why I keep the mandrels (the rods) on the paper towel before putting them in water to soak. The towel helps to contain any broken bead release pieces. Soaking the rods helps to soften the bead release and let the beads come off the mandrels. The bead release is then cleaned from each of the beads while holding the bead under water. The process of making a bead is much more complicated than some people know. Maybe I should write a bit more about all of the things that go in to making a bead. Just not right now.

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