Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My New Deck

We recently had a new deck built onto our house. It is wonderful! Our old deck was rotted through so we had to do something. When we ripped it down we found it had been built on cinder blocks that were crudely stacked on top of each other. We are lucky it never collapsed on us.

Our new deck is nothing like that though. It has a very sturdy foundation and it is huge compared to the old one. We spend most of our spare time back there now.
If you look at this picture, our old deck was the same size as the length of these boards that go to the edge of the house. That was it.

It is absolutely huge now. We have so much extra room.

To people with huge, expensive houses, it may not look as great as I think it does, but I am very happy with it as is the rest of my family. It also makes for a great place to take pictures of my jewelry. I absolutely love it!

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