Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Space- Where I Make My Beads

Here is my work area. Nothing pretty or fancy but it works.

Here is my torch, a midrange with a spotter on top. In the background is my kiln. It looks small but I can get quite a few beads in it when I need to. And it is perfect if I ever do get into sculptural work-which I would like to do. Assorted tools to help shape some beads are at the right front side of the table. Glasses of glass are at the back (since been moved) - full of stringers and specialty glass.

Here is a shelf with a lot of my glass rods. It is much fuller now since I cleaned out my "glass" drawer and put all my full rods into this wooden rack. I sorted my pieces of rod by color and have several boxes of those as well. Lately I've been trying to use the pieces instead of new full rods. I had been wasting so much.

Here is another angle of my work station. You can see the fan directly over the desk. It is a good fan and takes the fumes out of the space quickly.

I think the walls might need a bit of paint or at least a little washing! I am not there often enough to notice or care. I stare at what I am working on, not the walls surrounding me. I never even realized how bad they were until I took these pictures.

Next time I will show you how I etch my beads.

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