Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rammstein Concert

The concert was excellent! The line to get in the Bell Centre was ridiculously long and just got longer closer to the show. We got in eventually. I bought a poster first thing. Then we found our seats. I was actually quite happy with our location. It was at the bend near the back, but it was only a few rows up from the pit. In fact we were right above the entrance/exit the hockey players would use to get on the ice.

Combichrist was up first. Thankfully they were better than anything I found of them on YouTube. And thankfully they only sang a few songs. Not quite my cup of tea, so to speak.

My sister and I waiting between shows.

It seemed to take forever, but finally Rammstein was up.

The stadium became dark. Suddenly someone punched/kicked their way through the "wall" on stage. The two guitarists emerged through the wall. Moments later someone else bashed their way through. It was Till, the singer. Then it began. The power, the drive, the energy... and don't forget the fire. A lot of fire!

This is only a small amount of flame compared to some songs.

What a great concert. They played a lot from their newest album Liebe ist fur alle da. They also played some of their biggest hits including Du Hast, Sonne, Engel, and Ich Will (my favorite - or at least one of them).

Engel. Love the wings. They shoot fire.

I took pictures and a few video clips. I would have liked to take videos of complete songs, but I didn't want to watch everything through my screen. I paid enough and travelled far enough that I wanted, no needed, to see them live and not through a lens. I could do that when I got home.

Flake crowd surfing.

After looking at a lot of the videos people took at the concert, I am even more happy with our seats. We had a great view of the stage - all of it. And even though we were at the back, or close to it, we were still fairly close.

Some videos that were obviously taken right by the stage made me realize how good our seats were. In the video there were speakers and other things in the way of the stage. In one particular video all you could see was the front of the stage, you couldn't even see the three band members in the back. We could see everything, and I am quite happy with how everything turned out.

I was pumped after the concert. Even though it was over it didn't feel quite complete. I found out the next day why.

And I will let you know what happened in my next post.

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