Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rammstein in Montreal

At the beginning of this year I never dreamed I would be going to Montreal, Quebec. Nor did it cross my mind that I would go there specifically for a concert... a German lyric industrial metal concert. But I am.

My husband, at the suggestion of someone else, told me to look up this band, Rammstein, last year. We looked up the video for Du Hast. It was good, but because it was German and we didn't fully understand it, we both dismissed it for several months until in March of this year, when we watched XXX. The band playing a concert in the move sounded familiar. My husband was sure it was the same band, so I googled it. Sure enough, it was. But this time was different. Something clicked. We went out and bought two albums. Then I bought another for my husband's birthday a few days later.

I let my sister listen to one cd. I didn't think she would have liked it at all. But to my surprise, she was hooked too.

I listen to Rammstein every time I get in my vehicle. I own every album I could find. My eldest will change the CD to the radio once in a while, but my seven -year-old will complain and ask for Rammstein to be put back on.

Anyway, my sister found out they were going to be in Montreal in December. We were both excited. Tickets, flights and hotels were booked almost immediately. Call it an early Christmas/birthday present (x3 years). I am excited. So is she.

Hopefully I can get a few pictures of Montreal when we are there and I can share a bit of that part of the world with you too. Now I better go study up on my French and German!

Here is a link to the video for Du Hast:

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