Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Bead Liner is Coming

A while ago I ordered a tool for lining my large hole beads with a silver core, more resembling the Pandora, Troll-style beads commonly seen. It is the Impress Bead Liner from I am excited to get this. I have sold many beads without the core and people seem happy with them. It is the few people that turn their noses up when seeing there is no core that I want to appease. Not necessarily as much to make them happy as to not have to see the reaction on their faces.

I can't get over how much specialty shops/jewelers sell the name brand beads for. No core is worth that much. And most of the beads I have seen in person are not that nice. That is why I like to make them. Mine may not be gorgeous to everyone, but I do think a lot of them have more character than the "name brand" ones. I may not have a catchy name or story that goes with each one, but I also don't mass produce hundreds of the exact same design. Here are a few of the ones I have (uncored of course):

Once I get my lining tool, I am hoping to add a few to my etsy shop. I will show you when I get some done. I also just ordered some metal to line them with. Besides sterling silver, I am also going to try copper and brass.

Good things are about to come.

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